Check out BoldSign at the Singapore Business Show, booth 716, on August 30 - 31! Learn More

Check out BoldSign at the Singapore Business Show, booth 716, on August 30 - 31! Learn More

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Speedup your Document Signing Workflow

Get your documents signed online with legally binding eSignatures. Send signature requests and track their progress with our easy-to-use app or embed the entire workflow into your own app using our API.

eSignature Requests

Easily send eSignature requests and configure their behavior to speed up signing.



Self-sign documents with a legally binding eSignature and easily share them with people.


Signer routing

Define the order your signers and reviewers can view and e-sign documents with signer routing. For example, you can get eSignature s from multiple people sequentially, in parallel, or both using simple numbering-based ordering.


Private messages

When many people are involved in a contract, you may want to share a different message with each recipient so that they can better understand the document. You can do this through the private message option in BoldSign.


Signer authentication

For business-critical documents, you may want to add further authentication to ensure that the intended parties sign the document. To authenticate your signers in BoldSign, you have two options:

• Access code
• Email OTP



With BoldSign, you can configure a frequency and number of automatic reminders to send before sending documents for signature.


Manual reminders

In addition to auto-reminders, you can also manually send reminders to sign from the BoldSign web app.


Document expiration

Automatically clean up your old contracts by configuring an expiration date while sending a document. You can also extend the expiration date after a document has been sent.


Print and sign documents

If your signers don’t want to sign documents online, you can ask them to print and sign the documents using a wet signature, and then upload the scanned document to BoldSign.


Host signature session with in-person signers

If you want a document signed before a company representative or another host, you can do so with the in-person signer option in BoldSign. This option allows someone to host a signature session on a tablet or any other available device.



You can customize your signers’ experience with your brand logo and theme colors to make pages and emails look more authentic.


Multiple form fields

BoldSign supports 11 different form fields, including signature, initials, text box, and more, to meet all your contract needs.


Prevent signers from reassigning documents

By default, your document signers can delegate their sign responsibility to someone else. However, you can turn this offs while sending the document.


Revoke a sent document

You can recall a sent document to prevent signing or viewing with the revoke option. This is helpful to cancel documents that were sent mistakenly or need a correction.


Cloud storage integration

With built-in integration for Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, BoldSign can import files from these sources for creating and sending eSignature requests.


File-format support

You can upload and use PDF, Word, and image files for signature requests.


Keyboard shortcuts

Both signer and sender interfaces support keyboard shortcuts for actions like cut, copy, paste, and Tab key navigation to help you work efficiently.


Allowed signature types

Signers can put their signatures on documents via typing, drawing, or image upload for their convenience. However, you also have the option to control which signature method is allowed.

Document Management

Categorize and track documents sent and received by you and your team members.

Team document view

Team and account admins can track and manage their team members’ documents through a dedicated view.


Add/remove label to group documents

Categorize your documents through custom labels. You can also use labels to filter or search your documents.


Status-based quick filters

The all-documents view has an option to filter documents based on their status through a dedicated quick filter bar.


Advanced filters

You can filter or search documents based on sent by, sent date range, recipients, and other fields through the advanced filter option.


Pin filters

Pin your advanced filters on your home page to quickly find the documents you need.


Customizable email notification settings

You can turn email notifications for specific document events on or off.


Clone a sent document

To quickly send a similar document for signature, you can clone a previously sent document and send it to someone else with updates as needed.


Turn your frequently used contracts into templates to save time on uploading files and configuring fields.



Create and share templates with your team.


Configure document settings

Configure default settings such as brand, expiration date, and reassignment for templates.


Impose authentication

Impose and configure authentication for signers from templates to disallow any modification while using the template.


Impose restrictions while using the template

Impose restrictions such as disallowing new signers, editing existing ones, and changing a document’s title and description.

Contact Management

Save time and avoid sending contracts to the wrong people with simpler contact management.

Save time and avoid sending contracts to the wrong people with simpler contact management.

Auto-add signers to contacts

Every time you send documents to new signers, they will be added to your contacts automatically to save time.


Bulk import contacts

You can quickly upload your contacts to BoldSign with just a CSV file.

Save time and avoid sending contracts to the wrong people with simpler contact management.


All contacts in the system will be shown on the document creation page when you type your signer/recipient email addresses to avoid mistakes.


Contact groups

You can create contact groups to send a contract to a group instead of each person individually.

User Management

Precisely control your users’ access and activities no matter your team size.


Invite, delete, activate, and deactivate users

With user pages, you can invite, delete, activate, and deactivate users based on your requirements.

Save time and avoid sending contracts to the wrong people with simpler contact management.

Create and manage teams

Group your users as teams to manage their access and permissions.


Roles: account admin, team admin, member

BoldSign offers three built-in roles to facilitate access management.


Custom permissions

You can add custom permissions to users to fine-tune the access levels in your organization.


Transfer documents

While deleting users from the system, you can transfer their documents to someone else.


Single sign-on

Connect to your organization’s OAuth2 or OpenID Connect servers to provide single sign-on for your users.


Set your logo and brand color to make your signers’ experience authentic.


Multiple brands

You can create and manage multiple brands from a single account. This is helpful for organizations with several brands and API-based multitenant apps.


Dynamic selection

Dynamically select the brand for each document before sending it. Also, you can set a default brand to make sending documents easier.


Logo and colors

Customize the logos, background colors, and button colors that are shown to your signers in document pages and emails.


Email customization

Configure the email domain and sender name for all emails sent from BoldSign.


Custom legal terms

Add and show custom legal terms for your signers based on your organization’s needs.


Localize your signers’ experience with their native language and time settings.


Time zone

Configure the default time zone for the organization and your profile.



Render document signing pages and emails for signers in the language they are comfortable with. Currently, the supported languages are English, French, German, and Spanish.


Date-time formats

Configure default date and time display formats for the organization and your profile.