The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

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How do I collect a legally binding electronic signature?

A signature image is a simple digital representation of your handwritten signature with no legal validity. In contrast, an eSignature created with BoldSign includes verification, encryption, and a digital certificate, making it legally binding and more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An electronic signature or eSignature, is a digital form of signing documents that carries the same legal standing as a handwritten signature, provided it adheres to the regulations set by laws such as the ESIGN and eIDAS. Whereas SOC2 for security practices, and GDPR for data privacy. Both are common for all sectors.

Not all digital signatures are legally binding. For a digital signature to be legally binding, it must meet specific requirements such as consent to sign electronically, authentication of the signer, and an audit trail of the signing process, all offered by BoldSign.

BoldSign eSignatures are backed by digital certificates and follow stringent security protocols, including signer authentication and document encryption. This adherence to international eSignature laws ensures that every signature collected via BoldSign is legally binding.

Yes, using eSignatures for sensitive documents is safe when a reputable eSignature solution like BoldSign is employed. BoldSign provides advanced security features, including end-to-end encryption and a tamper-evident seal, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your documents.

BoldSign eSignatures are accompanied by a detailed audit trail that records every action taken on the document, including timestamps and signer IP addresses, making it easy to verify the authenticity of the signature.

BoldSign ensures that any alterations made to a document after signing are detectable, thanks to the tamper-evident technology. Any change invalidates the signature, ensuring the document’s integrity.