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Integrate BoldSign and Xero

Syncfusion is trusted by the world’s leading companies
Syncfusion trusted companies
Syncfusion trusted companies

6 reasons to connect BoldSign and Xero

Reason 1
Seamless Signature Workflow

Bid farewell to platform-switching and contact-detail hunting. Experience seamless integration that simplifies your entire document management process.
Seamless signature
Effortless auto sync

Reason 2

New contacts in your Xero account smoothly update in BoldSign. Enjoy always having the latest, most accurate info in your eSignature solution.

Reason 3
Secure End-to-End Process

Your sensitive data remains protected, giving you peace of mind that your valuable information is safe.

Secure end to end process
Collaboration made easy

Reason 4
Collaboration Made Easy

Whether you’re sending contracts for e-signature or sharing documents with clients, your team has easy access to the right contacts. This streamlines operations and enhances collaboration.

Reason 5
Precision and Error-Free Workflow

Auto-synchronization eliminates repetition and reduces the risk of human errors from manual data entry.
Precision and error free
Seamless Scalability

Reason 6
Seamless Scalability

As your business grows, so does your contact list. From a handful to thousands, our system effortlessly synchronizes contacts, matching your business’s growth without sacrificing performance.