The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

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Explore the BoldSign features that make eSigning easier.

Modern eSignature App for Everyone

Sign documents electronically or send signature requests. Both are quick and easy using BoldSign. And best of all, it is completely free.

No credit card required
  • No expiration date
Send your documents out for signatures in minutes

The entire process is as simple as uploading your existing documents, specifying recipients, configuring signature fields, and then sending out for signatures. This process can be shortened even further by saving your frequently sent documents as templates.

Integrate into your app using BoldSign eSignature APIs

Go beyond signing sales contracts online

Most companies are already aware of the benefits of getting their sales contracts signed online, but very few realize the potential benefits of a deeper eSignature integration into their existing applications using APIs.
All manually initiated paper and email-based document workflows, like NDAs, employee onboarding, expense approvals, and hardware requests, can be greatly optimized by initiating, tracking, and signing documents from right within your existing applications. All these integrations are made feasible by our cost-effective pricing model that scales based on the required volume of usage.

Built for handling complex workflows

BoldSign has been built to handle everything from the simplest of use cases where one person signs a contract, to complex use cases where dozens of users sign in a specified sequence.

Handle complex use cases using BoldSign
Track status using BoldSign webhooks

Track effectively to get contracts signed on time

We provide all the tools necessary to track and follow up on your signature requests properly so that all your contracts get signed on time. You can even track the status of documents sent by others on your team.

Your customers will love the seamless signing experience

Your customers will feel comfortable from the moment they receive a request for a signature in a personal message with your logo. Guidance is provided at every step of the signing process so that potential errors are avoided and the documents are signed on time.

Simple and smooth digital signing experience
Secured and Legally compliant

Legally compliant with U.S. and international laws

BoldSign is legally compliant with U.S. (ESIGN) and international (eIDAS) eSignature laws. We record all major activity that happens during the signing process and provide a downloadable copy of the complete audit trail report. The final document is also digitally signed so that any tampering in the future can be immediately detected.

Enterprise-level security

We take security very seriously and have built it into every aspect of the application right from the beginning. All the data stored and transmitted is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption standards.

Enterprise-level security
Powerful and free eSignature APIs

Powerful API to integrate eSignatures into your own apps

BoldSign provides an easy-to-use API for integrating eSignatures into your own applications. You can initiate, track, and fulfill signature requests from within your own applications. At Syncfusion, we have over 20 years of experience in providing enterprise-grade APIs for developers to consume and build their applications using popular technologies like .NET, Flutter, JavaScript, Angular, Vue, and React.

Completely transparent, scalable pricing

We provide a transparent pricing model that scales well for sending a few signature requests per year or sending thousands per month. Our flexible pricing model goes beyond the standard per-document pricing and introduces a variety of pricing options to suit the various scenarios in which eSignatures are being used today.
We also offer a free plan that includes features like templates, custom branding, complex workflows, and automated reminders.

Free trail and transparent pricing model