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Self-sign a document

Thu, 15 Apr, 2021

  • Sender can self-sign the document. In order to self-sign the sender should add themselves as a recipient before sending the document.
  • You can either add your details manually or use Add Me button.

Self Sign Add Me Button

  • After adding the required fields to the document, you can preview the document by clicking Preview document.
  • While adding the form fields like Signature, Initials, and Image you are requested to fill the respective form fields just as you add them.

Self Sign Signature

Self Sign Intials

Self Sign Image

When you use self-sign option, attachment option is not available.

  • While adding the form fields like Date signed, Name, and Email, it is already autofilled as you add them.

Self Sign Date

Self Sign Name

Self Sign Email

  • While self-signing to add text to label field or the text field, you can double-click on it or add it to the value section of the field settings.

Self sign Label

Self sign Textbox

  • To give input for radio button field during self-sign, double click on it.

Self sign Radio button

Note: In Self-sign process, by default the checkbox field is checked and can’t be unchecked.

Self sign Checkbox

  • After filling the form fields, click the Finish signing button on the top-right corner of the screen and complete the signing process.

Finish Signing

Self Sign Success Dialog

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