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How to send the signature request in different languages?

Thu, 1 Sep, 2022

Apart from English, we have also provided German, Spanish, and French localization support to allow users to receive mail in their preferred language. While sending the signature request, all the signer’s related transaction emails and signing page static contents will be translated to the signer’s defined language.

Follow the steps below to set different language for signers.

  • Click the Create New Document option, and in the Add recipients section, you can set the language for the signer from the language dropdown. The signer will receive the mail in the selected language.

multiple language new

  • For multiple signers, if all the signers are set to be in the same language, you will have a single document Title and Message option below.
  • If each signer is assigned to a different language, you must set the Title and Message for each language individually.
  • Then, you can proceed and complete the signing request document.

Below is an example screenshot of the mail delivered to the signer in German language.

mail notify language

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