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Tue, 1 February, 2022

BoldSign text tags are the combination of text and symbol that can be placed anywhere in the document by specifying the location, size, and type of form fields. It is an alternative way to add fields to your documents. In order to use text tags in the document, set the property “UseTextTags” to true in “SendForSign” request. This will convert all the tags defined in the document to form fields which can be filled by the signers.


// Directly provide file path of the document. 
var documentFilePath = new DocumentFilePath 
    ContentType = "application/pdf", 
    FilePath = @"D:\doc-1.pdf", 

// Creating collection with all loaded documents. 
var filesToUpload = new List<IDocumentFile> 

// Creating signer field.
var signer = new DocumentSigner(
        name: "Signer Name 1",
        emailAddress: "",
        signerOrder: 1,
        authenticationCode: "123",
        signerType: SignerType.Signer,
        privateMessage: "This is private message for signer");

// Adding the signer to the collection.
var documentSigners = new List<DocumentSigner>

// Creating a CC instance
var cc = new DocumentCC(emailAddress: "");

// Adding the CC to the collection.
var documentCCs = new List<DocumentCC>

// Create send for sign request object.
var sendForign = new SendForSign
    Title = "Sent from API SDK",
    Message = "This is document message sent from API SDK",
    EnableSigningOrder = false,
    Files = filesToUpload,
    Signers = documentSigners,
    CC = documentCCs,

    // Enabling this property will convert text tags in the document to UI form fields.
    UseTextTags = true,

// Send the document for signing.
var createdDocumentResult = this.DocumentClient.SendDocument(sendForign);
curl -X POST '' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <authtoken>' \
-F 'Title=Sent from API Curl' \
-F 'Message=This is document message sent from API Curl' \
-F 'EnableSigningOrder=false' \
-F 'Signers[0][Name]=Signer Name 1' \
-F 'Signers[0][EmailAddress]' \
-F 'Signers[0][SignerOrder]=1' \
-F 'Signers[0][SignerType]=Signer' \
-F 'Signers[0][authenticationCode]=123' \
-F 'Signers[0][PrivateMessage]=This is private message for signer' \
-F 'CC[0][emailAddress]' \
-F 'UseTextTags=true' \
-F 'Files=@NDA.pdf;type=application/pdf'
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