The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

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Explore the BoldSign features that make eSigning easier.

Completely Transparent Pricing

With BoldSign eSignature Software, you don’t have to deal with hidden document limits, feature limitations, or unexpected overage charges.

Web App Pricing
API Pricing
Yearly - Save 40%
$ 0.75 / per document
Plan starts at $30/month with 40 docs included

All Business features, plus

Test environment to completely integrate BoldSign into your application
We can also provide completely customized pricing options for your unique needs. Please contact us to request a custom quote.

Ideal for individuals and micro-businesses

$ 0
/ month 1 sender only
  • 1 sender
  • 25 signature requests/month
  • 2 templates
  • Limited branding


Ideal for small businesses

$ 10
/ month First 3 senders included
  • 3 senders Incl. (addl @ $10/month)
  • 150 signature requests/month
  • 10 templates
  • Multiple custom branding

All Essentials features, plus

Ideal for businesses that send many documents for signature

$ 20
/ month First 5 senders included
  • 5 senders Incl. (addl @ $20/month)
  • Unlimited signature requests/month
  • Unlimited templates
  • Multiple custom branding

All Growth features, plus

Perfect for businesses with many document senders

$ 99
/ month Unlimited senders
  • Unlimited senders
  • 250 signature requests/month
  • All business features included
  • Multiple custom branding

Includes all Business features


Get a Custom quote

We can also provide completely customized pricing options for your unique needs. Please contact us to request a custom quote.

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Watch a quick overview of BoldSign’s pricing plans for the web app and API, from the Essentials to the Enterprise plan.

Features by plan

Find the subscription option that best suits you or your team.

Essentials Growth Business Premium Enterprise API
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No. of senders included The number of senders allowed to send documents under this plan. 1 3 5 Unlimited 2
Additional senders Price for adding extra senders beyond the number included in the plan. $10 $20 Unlimited $30
No. of templates Templates are documents designed to be used many times with minor updates. This number specifies the total number of unique templates you can create with the plan. 2 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No. of signature requests per month The number of signature requests each sender can send per month. Note: A single request can include multiple files, signers, and CCs. 25 150 Unlimited 250 Unlimited
No. of brands Personalize emails and signing pages with your company's logo, colors, and custom terms. This is the total number of brands you can create in the plan. 1 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No. of API signature requests Use the API in complex, integrated workflows to send signature requests. Sandbox only Sandbox only Sandbox only Sandbox only 40 (Extra requests billed at $0.75 each).


Send document out for eSignature Send documents to recipients to fill out the details and sign.
Bulk links or template link Embed signature URLs on your website or send secure URLs via email to multiple signers. Ideal for signing forms like applications and NDAs. No coding required.
Bulk send Send documents to multiple recipients simultaneously using a CSV file.
ID verification Ensure signer authenticity instantly through advanced ID verification, such as government ID scanning and facial recognition.
Custom branding Showcase your company's identity in notification emails and on recipient signing pages. Customize with your logo, choose color schemes, add custom legal terms, and more.
Field data validation Set rules for form fields to make sure the information entered is correct and meets specific requirements.
In-person signing Sign documents directly on your mobile device during in-person meetings.
Share templates with team members Collaborate efficiently by sharing document templates within your team.
Tamper-proof documents Documents are digitally signed with an AATL certificate and a digital time stamp, making them secure against tampering.
Audit trail or certificate of completion A detailed record is made that tracks all important actions and changes made to a document, logging sender identities, timestamps, and specific activities like viewing, editing, and signing. This ensures transparency and provides legal proof for the signed documents.
Multiple signer languages Send signature request emails and provide a signing page in a signer's native language. Currently supporting 14 languages.
Automatic and manual reminders Send reminders automatically or manually to help the signers complete the agreements on time.
Email authentication Validate the signer's identity through their email address by sending a unique code to access the document signing link when it's opened.
SMS authentication Validates the signer's identity by sending a unique code through SMS that is required to access the document signing link. This adds an extra layer of verification for the signer’s identity.
Team collaboration Collaborate effectively with your team.
Roles and custom permission Assign different roles and permissions to team members for controlled document and template access.
Signer attachments Request your signers attach additional documents during the signing process, such as a driver's license, passport, proof of address, or any other relevant verification documents.
Basic & advanced form fields Offers a range of fields for document signing, from basic text inputs to advanced options like date pickers, checkboxes, and dropdowns for different types of data.
Labels Organize documents and templates with labels for easy identification and retrieval.
Conditional fields Fields in the document change based on previous answers, allowing for dynamic fields.
Single sign-on Secure your employees' access with SSO, integrating with existing identity providers like Microsoft AD and Google Identity Platform.
Automatic field detection Automatically detect fields in uploaded PDF forms for a quicker and more efficient setup of fields.
Dynamic field placement Use anchor text in BoldSign templates to position form fields automatically. Fields align with each occurrence of the anchor text, ensuring accuracy even with document edits or alignment changes.
Signing groups Send a document to a group of people and let any one person in the group sign it for everyone.
Print, sign and upload Print the document, physically sign it, and then upload the signed copy back into the system for record-keeping and processing.
Custom fields Create and save your own versions of standard fields with specific properties like font type and size, validation rules, and default values. This speeds up document preparation and enables admins to mandate the use of these specific custom fields.
Signature request via SMS Send signature requests directly to a signer's mobile device via SMS.
Merge signed documents with audit trail Combine signed documents with their audit trail for comprehensive record-keeping.
Responsive mobile signing Sign documents conveniently from mobile devices.
Locked templates and usage restriction Lock templates to prevent unauthorized changes. Restrict actions such as adding, altering, or removing documents or signers to ensure controlled use of templates.


Zapier Automate repetitive tasks and connect BoldSign with 2,000+ apps like CRMs, project management tools, and HR platforms.
Cloud storage integrations: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox Access documents directly from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox.
Xero Connect BoldSign with Xero for straightforward contact imports. This integration automates the transfer of contact information, reducing the risk of copying errors.

Security and compliance

Data residency in U.S. or EU Choose data storage in the U.S. or EU to comply with regional data regulations.
GDPR BoldSign is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring the highest levels of data privacy and security. This compliance guarantees the protection of personal data in accordance with EU regulations. Visit our GDPR overview page for more information.
SOC 2® Type II BoldSign meets SOC 2® Type II standards, certifying secure and compliant handling of data. Visit our SOC 2 overview page for more information.
eIDAS BoldSign complies with eIDAS, ensuring its eSignatures are legally recognized across the EU.
HIPAA BoldSign secures healthcare data in line with HIPAA standards. Learn more on our HIPAA Overview page. We sign BAAs for HIPAA compliance exclusively under our Business and Enterprise API plans, subject to minimum contract values.


Sandbox Test and refine your integrations in a safe, isolated environment before going live, ensuring reliable and error-free deployment of your API connections.
Live or production access Switch to a live environment to implement your API integrations in real-world settings, enabling actual data processing and use.
Embedded requesting Add document sending and field setup directly to your website or app.
Embedded signing Embed BoldSign's signing features within your app to streamline the signing process. Users sign documents directly in your app, avoiding the need to use email.
Embedded templates Embed template creation in your app, suitable for any SaaS or complex workflow scenarios.
Webhooks Get automatic notifications for updates or changes in your documents’ status.
API dashboard Monitor your API's performance, investigate the reasons behind any API request issues, and keep track of both the number and success rates of requests.
Send documents on behalf via API Use Sender Identity or OAuth 2.0 Authorization code flow to send documents on behalf of your clients.
Multitenant SaaS app integration Easily let your tenants send eSignature requests under their identity without having to create a BoldSign account. The onboarding process for your tenants is speedy and only takes a few minutes. There are also no additional charges per tenant, so the solution is very cost-effective.
Text tags for field creation Easily create and position signature fields in your documents using tags. Specify signer details, field type, size, and other properties for automatic and precise field setup.
Essentials Growth Business Premium Enterprise API
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Frequently asked questions

A “sender” is anyone who has a BoldSign account and can send documents out for signature. Anyone that just receives a document for signing is classified as a “recipient” and does not need a BoldSign account or a license.

No, your signers do not need to pay or register with us to sign the documents that you send.
Yes, your subscriptions will be automatically renewed at the end of the billing cycle. However, you can easily cancel anytime by logging into your account.

All trial accounts will have access to the enterprise-level features, so everyone will be able to evaluate all the available features. However, there are some usage restrictions that apply:

  • Maximum number of senders is restricted to 25.
  • Maximum number of documents that can be signed is restricted to 250.
  • Maximum number of documents that can be signed using bulk links is restricted to 250.
  • Maximum number of API documents is restricted to 250.
Yes, BoldSign is legally compliant with popular U.S. (ESIGN) and international (eIDAS) eSignature laws. We record all the major activity that happens during the signing process and provide a downloadable copy of the complete audit trail report. The final document is also digitally signed so that any potential tampering in the future can be immediately detected.

Check out this video to compare our different paid plans and select the one that best fits your needs.

Yes, BoldSign provides a specially designed eSignature solution for non-profit organizations. Our Growth Plan is completely free for the first three senders, and there is a 50% discount for each sender added. Discover more on our non-profit page.

Free Sandbox: This plan is for testing our APIs. You can integrate our APIs into your application for free. However, the documents created will be watermarked as “This is a test document” and automatically deleted after 14 days.

Enterprise API: The Enterprise API pricing starts from $30/month with 40 documents included. Once you’ve used the 40 documents, a pay-as-you-go plan will get started, costing $0.75 per document. 

Custom Plan: We also provide customized pricing options to fit your unique needs.

Please refer to this link for more information about API pricing: BoldSign API Pricing

You will be charged per envelope sent for signature. You can add multiple documents within a single envelope, and they will be considered as one signature request.

Yes, you can test BoldSign’s API with the free Sandbox plan. Remember, documents created with this plan will be watermarked, and deleted after 14 days.

Yes, documents created with BoldSign are entirely secure. Your data is protected so that even our staff cannot access it for troubleshooting purposes. Please refer to this link for more information: BoldSign security policy.

Check out this video to compare our different paid plans and select the one that best fits your needs.

Available as an add-on: $0.25 per signature request. Available as an add-on: $0.20 per SMS. Available as an add-on: $0.25 per signature request. Additional verification required. Available as an add-on: $3 per verification. BoldSign secures healthcare data in line with HIPAA standards. Learn more on our HIPAA Overview page. We sign BAAs for HIPAA compliance exclusively under our Business with annual commitment and Enterprise API plans Additional @ $0.50 per signature request.