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The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

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eSignatures - Top 10 Use Cases

eSignatures - Top 10 Use Cases

Electronic signatures are widely used in many domains and scenarios. They provide a convenient and legally recognized method of signing documents electronically, eliminating the need for physical signatures and cumbersome paperwork. They offer increased efficiency, improved document security, and enhanced collaboration. By enabling the digital signing of documents, eSignatures empower businesses to streamline their workflows, reduce costs, and accelerate decision-making processes.

From small businesses to multinational corporations, organizations rely on eSignatures to expedite contract signing, streamline administrative processes, and enhance compliance. They have become indispensable tools in sectors such as finance, real estate, and nonprofit organizations. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 use cases of eSignatures and how they provide significant benefits across various sectors.

#1 HR and employee onboarding

HR departments often require employee’s signatures for employee-related documents including employment contracts, benefits enrollment forms, policy agreements, and performance reviews. eSignatures simplify the onboarding process, enhance document accuracy, and reduce administrative overhead. New hires can sign necessary documents remotely, allowing for a seamless and efficient onboarding experience.

Numerous companies communicate job offers online, conduct virtual interviews, and issue offer letters electronically. In such scenarios, eSignatures prove to be invaluable.

#2 Financial transactions

Financial transactions are a critical part of many businesses and industries, and eSignatures have become an invaluable tool for authorizing and executing various financial documents such as loan agreements, mortgage contracts, insurance policies, and investment forms. They enhance security and enable faster processing of financial transactions.

Consider an individual who is looking to secure a personal loan from a financial institution. In the conventional process, they would need to visit the bank, fill out paperwork, and meet in person. But with eSignatures, things are easier. They pick a loan online, get the agreement electronically, and review it anywhere. If they need help, they chat with the bank online. When they are satisfied with the terms, they sign the agreement with an eSignature.

#3 Vendor and supplier agreements

Vendor and supplier agreements are crucial in establishing and maintaining effective business relationships. Businesses are increasingly using eSignatures as a trusted mechanism for signing agreements with their vendors and suppliers to streamline these operations. Purchase orders, service level agreements, procurement contracts, and supplier agreements can all be electronically signed, allowing firms to expedite their supply chain operations.

Let’s consider a scenario where a retail store is looking to partner with a foreign supplier for regular product deliveries. In the past, they would have to email, print, sign, scan, and fax paper agreements for signature before beginning shipments. Now, using eSignatures, the store can easily send a supplier agreement electronically. The supplier reviews terms, pricing, and delivery times. Any questions are resolved via email or phone call. Once both agree, the supplier eSigns the agreement and they can start business right away.

#4 Government forms and applications

Governments worldwide are recognizing the significant advantages of adopting digital signatures in their administrative processes. The use of digital signatures offers several benefits, including affordability, robust security measures, and enhanced convenience for citizens. By enabling citizens to electronically sign applications for permits and licenses, tax forms, and government contracts from the comfort of their own devices, the need for physical visits to government offices is reduced.

Consider a person who wants to renew their driver’s license. Previously, this required an in-person visit to the department of motor vehicles, taking time off work, dealing with paperwork, and waiting. However, digital signatures have made the process simpler. Applicants within certain parameters can now visit the designated website, complete the renewal application, and sign using a digital signature.

#5 Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, eSignatures are used for patient consent forms, medical release forms, treatment agreements, and telemedicine consent forms. They ensure compliance with privacy regulations and streamline the exchange of sensitive medical information.

Imagine a patient seeking medical advice online. Previously, they needed to visit a clinic. With eSignatures, they schedule an online consultation, receive forms via email, and fill them out, and sign them at their own pace. The doctor reviews their history, discusses symptoms, gives advice, and if needed, sends an e-prescription. In that case, the doctor electronically signs the prescription.

#6 Real estate transactions

eSignatures have transformed the real estate industry by facilitating the electronic signing of purchase agreements, lease agreements, property deeds, and disclosure forms. This allows buyers, sellers, agents, and other stakeholders to sign documents remotely, expediting transactions and improving efficiency.

For instance, consider a situation where someone is selling their house to a potential buyer. In the past, finalizing the sale involved multiple in-person meetings, printing, signing various documents, and arranging courier services. However, with eSignatures, the seller, buyer, and their agents can connect online, negotiate terms, and electronically sign the required forms.

#7 Compliance and legal documents

eSignatures or electronic signatures are used for compliance purposes, such as obtaining consent for data privacy policies, terms of service, and consent for electronic communications. By adopting eSignatures, companies can simplify processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure the validity and integrity of important legal and compliance-related documents.

Imagine a situation where a company is entering into a business partnership and needs to establish a formal agreement. In the past, this would involve drafting a physical contract, sending it back and forth for signatures, and dealing with potential delays.

With eSignatures, the process is much smoother. The companies involved can exchange the contract electronically, review the terms remotely, and electronically sign the agreement.

#8 Education and academic institutions

eSignatures are used in the education sector for student enrollment forms, permission slips, scholarship agreements, and academic contracts. eSignatures simplify administrative tasks, reduce paperwork, and enable efficient collaboration among educational institutions, students, and parents.

For example, let’s consider the student enrollment process at a university. Traditionally, enrolling in courses would require students to visit the campus, stand in long lines, and fill out numerous paper forms.

However, with eSignatures, the enrollment experience becomes much smoother. When a student is admitted to the university, they receive an email with a link to at least a good portion of their enrollment forms. These forms include personal details, course preferences, and university policies. Students can review the information, ask any questions online, and electronically sign the forms using eSignatures, leaving only a few of these tasks for their orientation visit.

#9 Event organizations

Organizing events, sports activities, and recreational programs often involve inherent risks that participants must be aware of and acknowledge. To manage these risks and protect both event organizers and participants, organizers typically require participants to sign waivers. By using eSignatures, event organizers can simplify the process. Participants can receive the waiver electronically, either via email or through an online registration portal, and sign digitally.
Imagine a company that specializes in organizing adventure sports events, such as rock climbing and zip-lining experiences. Participants sign up for these activities to enjoy thrilling outdoor adventures. However, these activities come with inherent risks that participants need to be aware of and agree to.
In the traditional process, participants would arrive at the event location, where they would be handed a printed waiver form. They would need to read through the legal language, understand the potential risks, and physically sign the form before they are allowed to participate.
However, by using eSignatures, this entire process becomes more efficient and user-friendly. Participants can now receive the waiver electronically upon registration, allowing them to review and acknowledge the risks from the comfort of their own devices.

#10 Nonprofit and volunteer management

Nonprofit organizations leverage eSignatures for donation forms, volunteer agreements, fundraising contracts, and grant applications. eSignatures streamline the process of obtaining signatures, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving donor and volunteer experiences.

Imagine a nonprofit planning a fundraising event for a cause. In the past, volunteers needed to visit the office to sign forms. Now, using eSignatures, the organization emails volunteer agreements and event forms. Volunteers review details, responsibilities, and terms from home and conveniently e-sign the forms online.

BoldSign eSignature solution

BoldSign, an enterprise-grade eSignature solution, is the perfect tool for all the use cases mentioned in this blog. When it involves contracts and agreements, BoldSign simplifies the entire document-signing process for businesses and organizations. Embracing BoldSign enables businesses to enjoy the benefits of convenience, efficiency, and enhanced security in their document-signing processes.

With BoldSign, you can sign, send, track, and manage documents from anywhere, at any time, with just a few clicks.

BoldSign offers a 30-day free trial. Start one and discover how it can seamlessly address your unique use cases.


I hope you now have a good idea of the use cases of eSignatures in various domains and the benefits they offer. Make the transition from manual to electronic signatures and empower your business today.

We value your feedback, so please share your comments below. If you need further assistance, you can schedule a demo or contact our support team through our support portal.

Picture of Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan

Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan

Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan is a Technical Writer at BoldSign. With expertise in simplifying complex concepts, she contributes to the comprehensive documentation and user-friendly content at BoldSign. Lakshmi's commitment to quality ensures users have access to clear and helpful information.

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Picture of Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan

Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan

Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan is a Technical Writer at BoldSign. With expertise in simplifying complex concepts, she contributes to the comprehensive documentation and user-friendly content at BoldSign. Lakshmi's commitment to quality ensures users have access to clear and helpful information.

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