The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

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Recap of BoldSign 2023

A Recap of BoldSign’s Key Features and Achievements in 2023

In 2023, the BoldSign team’s primary focus has been on enhancing the document signing experience for our users. We’ve introduced a multitude of new features to simplify and refine the process. Our efforts aimed at elevating customer security, enhancing platform user-friendliness through form field adjustments, introducing SMS features, and advancing functionalities related to templates and bulk links.

These substantial enhancements underscore our commitment to delivering a secure, easy-to-use, and feature-packed platform, setting new benchmarks in the domain of digital document solutions.

In this blog, we will delve into the highlights of these exciting improvements. We’ve categorized the major new features of BoldSign in 2023 for easy navigation.

Form field features

New form fields: Job Title and Company

We’ve introduced job title and company fields for information capture in forms. These fields are intelligently prefilled with information extracted from the signer’s profile, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. If the information is unavailable in the profile, then the signer can manually enter it.

New form fields
New Form field

Custom form fields

BoldSign now lets users customize standard form fields. Users can tailor them according to their needs and save them for future use. Account administrators can also share these custom form fields with other users in the organization.

Learn more about configuring custom form fields.

Allow signers to configure fields

Empower signers by allowing them to add new form fields during the signing process. Senders can enable this feature so that signers can include additional form fields, providing a highly customizable signing experience on both ends.

Allow signers to configure fields
Allow Field Configuration for signer

Text align support for form fields

Align text within text box and label form fields. Choose from left, right, or center alignment options based on your preferences.

Text direction support for text box and label form fields

BoldSign now supports right-to-left (RTL) text rendering in text box and label form fields, catering to languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi. This enhancement ensures optimal readability and maintains the proper format for RTL language users.

Text direction support for text box and label form fields
Text direction support for text box

Character spacing for text box and label fields

Users can now set character spacing for text in text box and label fields, allowing for greater customization. The default character spacing is set to zero, but users can adjust it as needed.

Learn more about character spacing.

Data sync tag support for label fields

The data sync tag support is now extended to the label form field. When a value is entered in one label field, it will be automatically populated in other synchronized label fields, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Learn more about data sync tag support.

Template-related features

Template creation improvement

Templates can now be created without adding any form fields, offering greater flexibility in the template creation process.

Learn more about creating templates.

Restrict sender from adding more files

When creating templates, senders can now decide whether to allow or restrict the addition of more files when creating signature request documents using existing templates.

Restrict sender from adding more files
Allow Sender to add more files

Restrict sender from removing files

In template creation, senders can now decide whether to allow the replacement or removal of files when utilizing a template for creating signature requests.

Discard option for edit template

Editing templates is now more user-friendly with the introduction of the discard option. Easily revert to the original state of a template, discard unintended changes, and proceed with confidence.

Discard option for edit template
Discard option for Edit template

SMS-specific features

Send signature requests through SMS

Recipients can now receive a signing link via text message, making the signing process more convenient.

SMS OTP authentication method

In addition to email OTP and access codes, senders now have the option to enable SMS OTP authentication for signers during document creation. With this added method, signers gain access to the document by entering a valid OTP sent to their phone number. This enhances security and provides an additional layer of verification for a protected document signing experience.

Learn more about SMS OTP authentication method

SMS credit limits

Admins can now set SMS usage limits to prevent overuse of credits by signers utilizing the SMS OTP authentication method. Email notifications will be sent when usage reaches 50%, 80%, and 100% of the specified limit, ensuring control and transparency.

Learn more about managing SMS credits.

Bulk link-specific features

Sign the document multiple times using the same bulk link

Signers can now sign the same bulk link multiple times using the same email address, eliminating the need for separate links or additional accounts for each signing instance.

Sign the document multiple times using the same bulk link​
Allow Multiple sign option using same bulk link

Edit bulk link settings

Users now have the ability to modify the welcome message, acknowledgment message, email verification option, and multiple signing options on the bulk link overview page. This enhancement provides users with greater control over the content and messages displayed to recipients without changing the existing link.

Learn more about editing the bulk link document.

Export bulk link responders' details

This feature allows you to export the details of every responder who has viewed or signed your bulk link directly to a CSV file. Gain insights and keep track of document interactions with ease.

Multiple signers in a bulk link

Now, users can add multiple roles when creating a bulk link. After the initiator signs the document, other signers are notified to review and sign, enhancing collaboration and workflow efficiency.

Localization for bulk link

Senders can now select their preferred language for bulk links, ensuring localized content on the signer page. The flexibility to change languages during the signing process adds another layer of user convenience.

Localization for bulk link
Localization for bulk link

Learn more about changing the bulk link language.

Security improvements

Data residency selection

In a move toward increased data control, users can now choose their preferred data residency during the signup process, either the U.S. or EU regions. Users can ensure that their data is stored and handled within the selected region, aligning with their specific data privacy preferences.

Data residency selection
Data residency selection

3D secure authentication support

BoldSign now supports 3D secure authentication, enhancing payment security. Users are prompted to complete 3D secure authentication when required, ensuring a robust and secure payment environment within BoldSign.

IP address whitelisting

Enhance security by restricting access to the BoldSign web application page based on IP address. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access the BoldSign application.

IP address whitelisting
IP address whitelisting

Learn more about IP address whitelisting.

Elevated permission levels

Custom permissions now offer more control over document access. Users can grant permissions for downloading documents, downloading audit trails, and viewing documents. This granular control ensures a secure and tailored approach to document management.

Elevated permission levels
Permission Levels

Learn more about custom permissions.

Signer-side improvements

New languages for signer page

Communication is key, and to facilitate a global audience, we’ve added nine new languages to the signer page. Now, users can specify the signer’s preferred language for all interactions, including email and the application’s user interface. This inclusivity ensures that our platform speaks your language.

The currently supported languages are English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Italian, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Russian, and Swedish.

Enhanced signer page appearance

The signer page has been enhanced to align with your branding colors, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience for signers. This enhancement reflects BoldSign’s commitment to providing a cohesive and professional document-signing environment.


New integration: Xero

The Xero integration simplifies signature workflows by allowing users to import contacts. Any new contacts added in Xero will be automatically updated in BoldSign every 24 hours, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Xero integration
Xero Integration

Changing default values for additional form fields in Zapier

When utilizing a template in Zapier that includes form fields with default value support, associated input fields are now presented in Zapier action forms, providing enhanced control over form field configurations.

Other features

Bulk send

Users can now send documents to multiple recipients simultaneously by importing recipient details using a CSV file. This feature eliminates the need to create individual documents and form fields for each recipient, streamlining the bulk sending process.

Bulk send
Bulk Sending process
Learn more about bulk sending.

BoldSign developer console

Introducing the BoldSign developer console, designed exclusively for developers. This tool provides valuable insights about BoldSign API requests and responses. With the developer console, you can effortlessly monitor API requests, explore response details, analyze metadata, and even download logs for in-depth analysis.

Learn more about developer console.

OAuth billing enhancement

BoldSign now provides the option to bill transaction charges either to the OAuth app creator or the users, offering more billing flexibility.

Learn more about OAuth.

Transfer ownership

Account owners can now transfer ownership to account admins, ensuring continuity and efficiency in managing accounts and associated features.

Transfer ownership

Learn more about transferring ownership.

Sender-controlled document deletion

A new option allows senders to initiate permanent document deletion for all recipients after 30 days. This added control improves data privacy and compliance.

Learn more about deleting documents for everyone.

Manage decline and save options

Account administrators can now toggle the visibility of decline and save options on the signer page. This lets the admin tailor the signer’s experience during the signing process.

Manage decline and save options


BoldSign’s journey in 2023 has not just been about adding features; it’s been about setting new standards and redefining what users can expect from a document signing solution.

But the journey doesn’t end here! Get ready for more as we gear up for 2024. Significant features and updates are in the pipeline to provide enhanced functionalities and superior experiences.

Explore BoldSign’s features by logging into the application and starting your 30-day free trial. If you don’t have a BoldSign account yet, you can sign up for a free account now.
We value and welcome your feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. To learn more about our services, you can schedule a demo or reach out to our support team through our dedicated support portal.
Picture of Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan

Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan

Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan is a Technical Writer at BoldSign. With expertise in simplifying complex concepts, she contributes to the comprehensive documentation and user-friendly content at BoldSign. Lakshmi's commitment to quality ensures users have access to clear and helpful information.

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Picture of Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan

Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan

Lakshmi Priya Soundar Rajan is a Technical Writer at BoldSign. With expertise in simplifying complex concepts, she contributes to the comprehensive documentation and user-friendly content at BoldSign. Lakshmi's commitment to quality ensures users have access to clear and helpful information.

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