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Maximizing Team Collaboration and Efficiency with BoldSign

BoldSign allows your teams to collaborate more efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll explore how BoldSign’s team collaboration features can improve your organization’s document-handling processes. This can save you hours of time and hassle.

Team Structure and User Roles

BoldSign provides a user-friendly system for organizing users into three roles: Admin, Team Admin, and Member. These roles offer precise control over document management. Admins oversee the entire account, Team Admins handle their team’s documents, and Members collaborate within their designated teams.

Creating and Managing Teams

Upon creating your BoldSign account, an initial team named “Default” is established. Depending on your organizational structure, you can create multiple teams to mirror your company’s hierarchy. The Teams page serves as your hub for team creation and management. By navigating through this intuitive interface, you can easily configure teams to match your organizational framework. Please refer to the following documentation link for more detail about creating and managing teams – How to create and manage a team.

Create and Managing Team Collaboration
Creating and managing teams

Inviting and Onboarding Users

The process of adding users to your organization is effortless and flexible. Inviting users is easy, whether you do it from the Teams page or the Users pageTeam Admins can invite users exclusively to their teams, while Administrators can assign users to any team. A seamless CSV file import option is available for bulk user invitations, making onboarding a large user base a smooth process. Please refer to the following documentation link for more details about inviting users into your teams – How to invite new users to the team.

Invite Onboard Users
Inviting and onboarding users

Effortless Document Transfer

When an employee leaves the company or requires team reassignment, BoldSign their team or delete or deactivate them. Documents associated with these users can be transferred to other team members, ensuring continuity and preventing disruptions. Please refer to the below documentation links for more details on deleting or deactivating users and transferring the documents associated with them.

Document transfer with Team members
Transferring documents from one user to another user

Sharing Templates within Your Team

In your organization, you might need to send the same document to different people for their signatures often. To make this easy, you can create a template by following the steps in this documentation. Once your template is ready, you can share it with your teams, just like you see in the following screenshot.

By using this template, your team members can quickly send the document for signatures as often as they need to do so. For more details, check out the documentation link – How to share a template to other teams.

Share template within your Team
Template sharing within your team

Tracking Team Agreement Progress

BoldSign helps you take control of all your organization’s documents on the “Team Documents” page. Here, you’ll find all the documents sent or received by your team members.

These documents are sorted by status: waiting for team members, waiting for others, needs attention, completed, declined, revoked, and expired. This way, you don’t lose track of what your team members are doing. You can take a look at the screenshot below to see this in action.

For more details on managing your team’s documents, check out the documentation link – How to check my team document statuses.

Custom Permissions for Uninterrupted Workflow

To maintain operational continuity, BoldSign offers the custom permissions feature. When a Team Admin is unavailable, this feature enables the delegation of document management responsibilities to another team member. You can customize the permissions for teams and individuals to suit your organization’s needs, ensuring that critical tasks are always attended.

New Custom Permission
Creating custom permissions for users


BoldSign’s dedication to optimizing team collaboration and document management elevates your organization’s efficiency. The versatile suite of features, including team structuring, user roles, document transfer, template sharing, agreement tracking, and custom permissions, positions BoldSign as an indispensable tool to enhance teamwork and productivity in all your signature-gathering tasks. Start using our BoldSign application and experience the future of eSignatures!

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Senthil Kumar M

Senthil Kumar M

Senthil Kumar M, who works for Syncfusion as a Product Manager. He has been actively involved in web development since 2012 and has an a passion for both front-end and back-end technologies.

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Senthil Kumar M

Senthil Kumar M

Senthil Kumar M, who works for Syncfusion as a Product Manager. He has been actively involved in web development since 2012 and has an a passion for both front-end and back-end technologies.

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