The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

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How BoldSign Helps Developers

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, applications strive to become self-contained by integrating all the modules necessary to meet user needs. However, achieving seamless integration with any technology can present certain challenges for developers. The goal of this blog post is to provide a clear insight about BoldSign’s capabilities and how it assists developers in seamlessly integrating eSignature functionality into their applications.

Let’s look at some of the common pain points faced by developers when trying to integrate eSignature APIs into their applications:

  • Insufficient documentation - Comprehensive and well-structured API documentation is essential for developers to effectively implement the integration.
  • Error handling and debugging - Dealing with errors and debugging issues in the integration process can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Limited coding language support - Some digital signature APIs offer limited language support, making it challenging for developers to cater to a diverse user base.
  • Lack of customization options - Developers often require customization options to align the eSignature process with their application's branding and user interface.
  • Scalability and responsiveness - Scalability issues can lead to performance bottlenecks and affect the overall user experience, which affects the responsiveness of the application.
  • Versioning and updates - Developers need to stay informed about updates and adapt their integration accordingly to avoid compatibility issues and maintain a smooth user experience.
  • Security concerns - Developers need to ensure that the API they use complies with industry standards and offers robust encryption and authentication mechanisms. Any vulnerabilities in the API's security can lead to serious consequences, including data breaches and legal issues.
  • Testing automations - Developers need to test the eSignature workflow by adding testing automation. The documentation needs to be clear on how to do this.

At BoldSign, our mission is to eliminate as many developer pain points as possible. We have adopted a developer-centric approach, providing everything you need to seamlessly integrate BoldSign eSignatures into your application. Moreover, all the BoldSign APIs are designed with simplicity and clarity in mind, making them self-explanatory and easy to understand. Using BoldSign, you can elevate your applications to the next level.

Open API standards

Ensuring consistency in API design is crucial for an the developer experience. BoldSign adheres to the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), providing developers with confident and seamless API interaction, even if they are new to the platform. This standardized approach creates a positive developer experience.

Ready-to-use in your applications

BoldSign’s APIs empower you to provide a complete, end-to-end e-signing solution to your clients, right within your application’s interface. With its ready-to-use features, you will not waste any of your time in developing or extending anything to implement an eSignature solution. All you need to do is create a BoldSign account and follow the steps in the API documentation. The self-explanatory APIs and clear documentation will take care of the rest.

Complete yet simple documentation

Having comprehensive and well-structured documentation is crucial for developers to implement any integrations successfully. BoldSign’s API documentation provides clear and concise explanations of the API endpoints, request parameters, response structures, and error handling. This clarity helps developers understand how to interact with BoldSign’s APIs effectively. Please refer to our complete BoldSign API documentation.

Furthermore, we have included example code snippets for all the APIs in multiple programming languages. Look at the following screenshot of a code example demonstrating how to list documents from your BoldSign account.

API documentation code snippet example
API documentation code snippet example

The API documentation also includes versioning information and changelogs, indicating any updates or changes to the APIs over time. This allows developers to stay informed about the latest features and improvements and provides backward compatibility.

Diverse code examples

Every project has its unique requirements, and BoldSign’s diverse code examples enable developers to tailor the API integration to meet those specific needs. Whether it’s customizing the UI, adding additional security measures, or handling advanced use cases, BoldSign’s code examples provide a solid foundation for developers to build upon and adapt to their projects’ demands. Please refer to the BoldSign GitHub repository for the samples and use cases. Some of the most popular samples are:

Fully featured sandbox testing environment

The sandbox environment is isolated from the production environment, ensuring that any testing or development activities won’t impact real documents or users. This allows developers to try out different scenarios and use cases without any real-world consequences. The sandbox environment serves as a safe playground for developers to test and experiment with the APIs. The simplest way to get started is by acquiring a free developer sandbox account.

API explorer

API explorer is an interactive web application and an excellent way to try our endpoints without writing any code. You can use them to build, view, and send HTTP requests that call BoldSign APIs. API explorer lets you easily test your requests using actual sandbox or production resources in your account, such as documents, templates, and user objects. You can access the API explorer at BoldSign API explorer – Swagger. Learn more about using the API explorer from this documentation link.

Postman collection

The BoldSign Postman collection simplifies the process of utilizing BoldSign APIs to develop and test your applications by sending HTTP requests and receiving responses. You can find it at the BoldSign Postman collection.

BoldSign API collection in Postman
BoldSign API collection in Postman

Learn more about exploring BoldSign APIs in Postman in this blog post: Explore BoldSign eSignature APIs in Postman: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Developer console

The developer console in your BoldSign account will monitor all the API calls made with your account. This real-time monitoring provides developers with valuable insights about the usage of the API, helping them track and analyze the frequency and nature of API calls. In the event of failures or errors during API integration, developers can rely on the console to pinpoint the issues and troubleshoot them effectively. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required for debugging, enabling developers to resolve any problems swiftly.

BoldSign developer console dashboard
BoldSign Developer Console Dashboard

Learn more about BoldSign developer console from this blog post: Enhance API Development with the All-New BoldSign Developer Console.

Automate eSignature workflows

Developers thrive on automation, and BoldSign’s APIs provide the tools to streamline your document workflow. You can automate the process of sending out documents for signatures, tracking signing statuses, and receiving notifications when a document is signed. This automation reduces manual intervention, minimizes errors, and improves efficiency in your projects. For this, you can use the BoldSign webhooks.

The webhook functionality allows developers to set up automated tests to ensure that their integrations with BoldSign are functioning as expected. By subscribing to relevant events, such as document signing completion or status updates, developers can receive instant feedback on the success of their API calls and responses.

Zapier integration

You can also automate your eSignature workflows using the BoldSign eSignature integration on Zapier. By connecting BoldSign with various external applications, you can automate your desired scenarios, making the eSignature process more efficient. Automate actions based on document status, such as sent, declined, or completed, and send signature requests seamlessly. For more information on the BoldSign Zapier automation, refer to our knowledge base articles.

Embedded API support

BoldSign’s embedded API support empowers developers to create a smooth and cohesive user experience by enabling users to send and sign documents without leaving their usual application interface. By leveraging iframes, pop-up windows, or new tabs, developers can provide a seamless document signing process to their users. 

Technical support

BoldSign offers technical support from the same developers who built BoldSign, ensuring that expert assistance is always available to help you overcome any challenges you may face during integration. Whether you need guidance on specific functionalities or have general questions, BoldSign’s support team is just a call or message away. Feel free to reach us through our support portal or contact us directly at If you prefer a one-to-one demo meeting, you can easily schedule it on our request demo page.


Start integrating BoldSign’s APIs today and take advantage of its ready-to-use features to enhance your application’s functionality, improve efficiency, and deliver a seamless and modern document-signing experience to your users. The best way to experience BoldSign is to sign up for a free sandbox account and try sending a few signature requests yourself.
To get started with BoldSign, check out the BoldSign API documentation. Explore all the BoldSign features in the BoldSign features page.

If you have questions, you can contact us through our support portal. We are always happy to assist you!

Meikanda Nayanar

Meikanda Nayanar

A veteran product manager at BoldSign, boasting a decade-long journey as a .NET developer. With a rich history of leading product development across diverse technologies like Windows Forms, WPF, UWP, Xamarin.Forms, Flutter, and MAUI, Meikandan brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight to the table.

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Meikanda Nayanar

Meikanda Nayanar

A veteran product manager at BoldSign, boasting a decade-long journey as a .NET developer. With a rich history of leading product development across diverse technologies like Windows Forms, WPF, UWP, Xamarin.Forms, Flutter, and MAUI, Meikandan brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight to the table.

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