The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

The BoldSign mobile app is now available. Visitthis link for more details and give it a try!

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Explore the BoldSign features that make eSigning easier.


BoldSign from a Paralegal’s Perspective

Paralegals are an essential part of every legal team. The volume of work that each legal professional produces each day would lead some to believe that we are secretly superheroes. As much as we would love to claim that status, our powers can largely be credited to the many tools we use to stay organized and up to date on all tasks. One of our legal team’s superpowers—I mean, tools—is our eSignature platform, BoldSign.

Every day, our team works with hundreds of contracts and clients to get agreements drafted, sent, and fully executed. To keep up with all the contracts and ensure the quick and accurate signing of each, I use BoldSign. This legal eSignature platform helps me monitor the 500+ contracts that I am currently working with. Not only am I able to stay organized by using BoldSign, but it also saves a lot of time.  I can get a new contract sent for signatures to all parties in less than one minute. The less time it takes to send a contract, the more we can send out; the more contracts that are sent out and signed, the more revenue for our company.

Even though I work with the application personally, I am the type of person who believes what I can physically see. So, enough with my personal experience and on to the wonderful features that BoldSign offers.

When logging in to BoldSign, you will be brought directly to the home screen. This contains the dashboard, where you can track active documents and view recently completed documents. It displays contracts that are waiting for your signature, contracts that are waiting for others to sign, contracts that need attention, and contracts that have been revoked, declined, or completed. How great does that sound? There’s plenty more where that came from!

Navigating BoldSign

There are a lot of features that make a self-proclaimed superhero’s life a bit easier. Here are BoldSign’s key features, along with suggestions regarding how they can make a paralegal’s life easier.


This is your home base for seeing which documents are waiting for you, waiting for others, in need of attention, and which ones are revoked, declined, or completed.

BoldSign App Dashboard
  • Waiting for me
  • Waiting for others
  • Needs Attention
  • Recently Revoked, Declined, and Completed

The Dashboard also displays the total number of documents you have in BoldSign and the total number you are working with for the current month.

Home Menu

Simply put, the home menu directs you to the tools needed to complete various action items

The home menu displays the following toolbar to assist you in navigating through the many useful features. We will start from the top and work our way down

BoldSign App Home

Create New

Please contact us if you have any questions—we’d love to hear your feedback.

By clicking Create New, you can create a new document, template, or bulk link from scratch

Helpful hint: templates and bulk links can be huge time-savers for busy legal professionals—read on to learn more!
BoldSign App Create New

When you click the Create New button, you will be given the following three options:

  • Create New Document is used to send contracts, agreements, etc. for eSignatures. It includes five sections:
    • Add file(s)
    • Add recipients
    • Add CC
    • Document
    • Document settings
  • Create New Template is where you can draft and upload your own templates to use when sending documents for signature. It includes five sections for adding further detail to your template:
    • Add template details
    • Add file(s)
    • Add role(s)
    • Add CC
    • Document
  • Create New Bulk Link option can be used when you would like to send a link via email to multiple people to sign the same document. You can customize your link with the following options:
    • Configure bulk link document details
    • Add file(s)
    • Recipient role
    • Settings


In the Documents section, you can see a list of all your documents, including drafts and documents you have moved to the trash.

If you click the arrow beside Documents, the tab will drop down to display four sections:

  • My Documents
    • This includes a complete list of every document that you have in BoldSign.
  • Team Documents
  • Drafts
  • Trash


Using templates is one of the easiest ways to save time if your job requires you to send documents out for signature frequently. By using a template, you save yourself from typing the same information over and over, day in and day out. Just click New Template to get started!

The drop-down arrow gives you four separate sections where your templates are neatly organized, making adding, deleting, and sharing your templates a breeze. They are:

  • All Templates
  • My Templates
  • Shared Templates
  • Drafts

Bulk Links

Bulk links are another great time-saver for busy paralegals. Instead of sending the same document to multiple contacts separately, you can send everyone a link to the same document with just one click.

Bulk links can be created when you want to send a link instead of the entire document for signature. You will create the link and be able to send it via email for recipients to review and sign the agreement. The links you create can be saved under My Bulk Links, saved as a Draft, or moved to Trash if you decide to delete them.

Users & Teams

In Users & Teams, you can see all the individuals and departments that are using BoldSign within your company. (And by process of elimination, you can figure out who is not using BoldSign, and get them on board! Just kidding. Sort of.)

  • Users: This section displays all the people who have access to BoldSign in your company and shows their roles and the teams they are associated with. This also comes in handy as it helps you have the correct email addresses when CCing your coworkers on important documents.
  • Teams: In this section, you have access to each team that uses BoldSign in your company, along with the email addresses of those team members should you need to connect with them.


The Contacts section provides a list of all your personal contacts, as well as all the contacts your teammates have added. Basically, if you need to get in touch with someone, you will be able to find them here.

  • My Contacts: Just like your contacts application on your phone, this section of BoldSign includes all the people you have sent agreements to and their email addresses in case further communication is needed.
  • All Contacts: This is basically My Contacts, but with a bonus. You can see every contact that has been added in BoldSign and which teammate added them


Under Settings, you can update your personal information and preferences, such as date and time, notifications, and more.

When you click the arrow for Settings, you will be given the option to edit your profile. You can update all your personal information, update date and time settings, and customize the long list of notification settings (sender notifications, recipient notifications, CC notifications, and template notifications).

Contact Support

BoldSign is so user-friendly we hope you won’t need much support—but if you ever run into an issue or question, we are happy to help.

The Contact Support button makes contacting our support team a breeze. Once you click it, BoldSign support will open in a separate tab where all your support tickets can be created and stored. This helps you monitor all pending issues and review the discussions between you and the BoldSign team at any time.

Notable BoldSign features

Here are a few more BoldSign features that we think are pretty cool. When you’re ready, check out the website to start your free trial. You will have to supply your own cape and superhero name, but we’re happy to help with everything else.
  • Clone document: Sometimes, you may need to revoke a document due to a mistake or a requested change to the envelope. This feature allows you to clone the document you already created and update whatever you need to change. Personally, this has been a huge time-saver.
  • Audit trail: You have ability to download the audit trail of each agreement. This shows you all the information regarding the envelope you created, such as the document ID, status, sender information, recipient information, and the history of the signature process.
  • Document history: With this feature, you can view the entire history of the agreement. You will see who sent it and when, who viewed it and when, and who signed it and when.
  • Sign in order: When sending agreements, you may need to have one party sign before the other. This feature allows just that!
  • My profile: Here you can manage your signature and initials for signing documents that are sent to you—yet another time-saver!
  • Add contacts: Adding contacts to the My Contacts section allows you to send documents faster and with even more efficiency. You won’t have to review the email address prior to sending or worry about mistyping it.

If my personal experience as a self-proclaimed superhero was enough to spark an interest in BoldSign, you can try it for free here:

Picture of Madeline Joyner

Madeline Joyner

A NC Certified Paralegal at Syncfusion. In my personal life, I spend most of my time with my children, tending to my plants, and looking to grow in the legal field.

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Picture of Madeline Joyner

Madeline Joyner

A NC Certified Paralegal at Syncfusion. In my personal life, I spend most of my time with my children, tending to my plants, and looking to grow in the legal field.

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