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9 Reasons Why Your organization needs eSignatures

Knowingly or unknowingly we have all encountered electronic signatures at some point, while signing or ticking checkboxes on documents such as consent forms, contracts, agreements, etc. The reason they are becoming widely incorporated is because of how they simplify and streamline workflow while being highly secure.

It has now become common practice to use electronic signatures for all kinds of documents ranging from sensitive, government-issued documents to day-to-day bills, invoices, and forms. Most industries have now implemented eSignatures within their daily operations.

From saving time to saving the environment, eSignatures have it all sorted. If your organization is contemplating digitalizing its signing process, then read on to find out more about why eSignatures are a necessity in today’s fast-paced world.

If you are eager to try an eSignature software parallel to figuring out what’s in it for your organization, then give BoldSign a shot. BoldSign provides eSignatures that are fully customizable, can be integrated with existing software, meet the highest security standards, and conform to set legal mandates.

Why does your organization fare better with eSignatures?

Heightened Security

A physical document can be opened and read by anyone, while in transit. Therefore sensitive information is not secure when being conveyed in conventional signing processes. Documents can be changed or modified and even misplaced.

That’s not how eSignature software works. All documents are securely transmitted and access is granted only to authorized personnel to view or sign the document. Once the signing process has begun documents are protected and modifications are not permitted.

That’s not all, documents sent out for signature electronically come with audit trails that record, in chronological order, all events pertaining to them such as when and by whom they were accessed, downloaded, or signed.

Using eSignatures tamper proofs documents while verifying the integrity and authenticity of people accessing the documents and their signatures.

Legally Binding

Gone are the days when documents had to be hand-signed to be legally valid. These days documents signed electronically hold equal value and can be used in a court of law.

It is of course important to ensure that the eSignatures are provided by a reputed, legally compliant company that meets requirements such as those set by global standards like the ESIGN Act and eIDAS Regulation.

Expedited and Automated Workflow

Preparing a document, finalizing, printing, transporting, and chasing people to sign it, is a time-consuming task. A lot of valuable time is lost running around for petty errands, while important tasks that deserve more attention end up in the backseat.

Not only does the process take excessive time but one has to constantly focus on reminding parties to sign the document so that it isn’t left forgotten among other piles of paper. Automated reminders on eSignature software do the trick. That’s not all, these software track signing progress and propels action till signing completion.

They help prioritize work by cutting short turnaround times, allowing employees to leverage time and focus on crucial tasks that affect business outcomes.

Lower Running Costs

Not only do eSignatures help you save time, but also money. Complicated, traditional signing processes involve too many people and paper which leads to added running costs. Also, wasted time equals wasted money.

Simplifying the process with eSignature software enables employees to streamline workflow, organize work, and execute it from right from where they are, with the click of a button, thereby saving valuable time. This brings immense savings to an organization.

Labor, material, and transportation costs are slashed while work is completed in less than half the time it would otherwise take. Organizations also save on storage costs as digital documents can easily be stored on a system or the cloud and accessed.

Better Productivity

Quickly winding up work on a particular document and moving ahead to process the next one provides employees with a sense of satisfaction and clarity, rather than having ten incomplete documents lying around, while having to manually keep a tab on the status of each.

ESignature software is programmed to complete the signing process to set timelines without requiring manual intervention. Once a document is sent out for signature, the majority of the work is done and dusted leaving the mind clutter-free. This leads to better output.


Printing documents involves a lot of paper and when this is an inevitable part of the signing process it places an immense burden on the environment. Paper production is one of the leading causes of deforestation, thereby leading to climate change.

Transporting documents also involves the combustion of fossil fuels which is a non-renewable energy resource, causing a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. All these have a detrimental effect on the planet.

Electronic signatures play a key role in minimizing your organization’s carbon footprint. This reduced contribution may sound insignificant but makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.

Client Satisfaction

Electronic signatures enable parties to finalize and sign deals and contracts in a smooth and timely manner, with no major hiccups along the way.

Signing can easily be done from anywhere and there are minimal chances for errors. This gives the client a professional experience and leaves them with a positive impression of the organization.

Worldwide Connectivity

Getting a document signed by someone across the globe might have been an issue back in the day when eSignatures were not in use. Not anymore! Signatures can be obtained from anyone sitting anywhere in the world.

Once the document is ready, the contact details of signing persons or parties are input along with the time frame within which signing must be completed and the software takes on from there. Signing can happen sequentially or simultaneously with all parties being notified of the status.


With eSignature software it is easy to communicate and get documents signed by someone who lives in a different part of the world and may not be familiar with your language.

With such software offering multiple languages and translation support, it has become child’s play to get the work done without any hindrances, despite language differences.

Try BoldSign and Watch your Productivity Soar

With so much to gain by adopting eSignatures, there is hardly any room for second thoughts. BoldSign comes power-packed with features such as signer routing, SMS or email authentication, templates, branding, document cloning, document revoking, and much more. If you are wondering how to make the switch to eSignatures to improve your organization’s productivity, why not start with a FREE TRIAL of BoldSign by clicking here? BoldSign can easily integrate with existing systems ensuring no interruptions occur within your operations. Rest assured you will not look back and will receive the best technical support on your journey to embracing eSignatures.

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Shirley Rangini Graceya

Shirley Rangini Graceya

With a keen passion to write, Shirley shifted from a HR role into content writing within the IT industry. Her role involved writing blogs and help documentation. She started her writing journey, more than a decade ago, with her personal blog. She now writes blogs for Syncfusion’s latest products BoldSign and BoldDesk.

Share this blog

Shirley Rangini Graceya

Shirley Rangini Graceya

With a keen passion to write, Shirley shifted from a HR role into content writing within the IT industry. Her role involved writing blogs and help documentation. She started her writing journey, more than a decade ago, with her personal blog. She now writes blogs for Syncfusion’s latest products BoldSign and BoldDesk.

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