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BoldSign has been officially launched

BoldSign is an application for electronically signing documents online. We have been internally using BoldSign for the past couple of months and are very excited to finally share it with the world. We will be sharing more details about the product in upcoming blogs but here are some quick highlights for now

  • We have put in a lot of effort into the user experience of the product. You should be able to send signature requests in a few minutes and then get them signed quickly.
  • The product has been used extensively within our organization processing thousands of signature requests per month. The feature set is also more mature since we built this product for our own needs.
  • Our pricing is completely transparent, and all the limitations are clearly published.
  • We have the best free e-signature plan in the market. Individuals and small businesses can send over 10 documents for free per months and can access premium features like templates, custom branding, complex workflows, automated reminders and much more.
  • Performance (app responsiveness) is another aspect that we have put in a lot of efforts into. You should be able experience best-in-class responsiveness when using the app at all times irrespective of the loads that we are facing.
  • We also offer a powerful API so you can integrate e-signatures capabilities within your applications.

 Please contact us if you have any questions—we’d love to hear your feedback.

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